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With everything going on in the escape room industry right now, many places are evolving and offering online/virtual access to their games.

We were one of the first and the demand is amazing.
We are continuing to add more technology and features and are trying to make the experiences the best possible.

We have found that games that have a lot of handheld items, items that need to be read in detail, or are non-linear and can get confusing, need some sort of inventory management system.

We built our own simple system and have found it enhanced the player's experience ten-fold.
We are fortunate to have a software developer on our team.
We know that many others do not have the ability to do this in-house.

We would like to offer the use of our system to other venues during this crazy time for free from now until July 1st.
If the lockdown and forced closings continue, we will extend that.
We would need to charge a one-time setup fee of $99.95.
And once this craziness is over, if you decide to keep running virtual, the monthly fee would be $49.95


Enter any of the following:


Hover over the item to have it enlarge and see more detail.
You can use the enlarged view to show a "secret" view to
allow players to find and discover hidden features themselves!

We also can set you up with interactive props.

Interactive Prop Demo

Enter keypad


Notice that the buttons are clickable! We can make that actually trigger the keypad in your game!
This takes much more effort and would have a seperate setup fee and would require you to buy some hardware. But if you are interested, we can provide it!!

Interactive Puzzles

Enter slider


Here are some of the details:
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After receiving payment we will need the following:
A zip file with all of the items you want in your inventory. Thumbnails and fullsize.
The name of each item
A code word the players will enter to show the item
The order, if any, you would like the items to be shown in

That's it! Once we have that info we will get you setup within 24 hours.
We will then provide you a link to your custom inventory page.

You can either have people go directly to it, or embed it in your website somewhere as an iFrame.
We will provide code for that as well.

Lastly, there will be a simple dashboard form for you to log in to and set username and the password for your inventory page. You can do this each game. Or just have one for all games. We recommend changing it each game.

Players will log in to your inventory page and enter code words as they find items in the room.
Your avatar/GM will tell them the code words.
Entering the code word a second time will remove the item, to help keep the list small once they have used items.

We recommend having one person on the team be the team leader, and they enter and remove items.
They then tell the rest of the team to refresh so they can see the updates.

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